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Us the Chuchi

our specialities

Gersauer cheesecake

Fine yeast dough base and real Schwyz cheese - a pleasure with tradition

Fresh whitefish fillets

Our whitefish fillets come fresh from Lake Lucerne. Our supplier is Michael Näpflin from Schwybogen. You can enjoy the tender fillets in a white wine and herb sauce (Gersauerart) or classic meunière, fried in butter with parsley and almonds.

Beef entrecôte "Café de Paris"

The tender and tasty entrecôte is from the bone-matured middle piece and comes from Central Switzerland. This specialty is served in a pan with a homemade Sauce Café de Paris.
As a side dish, there are French fries and fresh market vegetables.


Sliced veal "Zürcherart" with fresh hash browns
Pig cordon bleu
Perch fillet crispy with tartare sauce
Älpler Magronen with applesauce

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